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A positive experience

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My daughter’s wedding is just around the corner – what a happy occasion it will be for all of us! She is marrying a gem of a man! We couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve been busy checking off details, like making necklaces for all of the little girls in the wedding party. (They are going to be amazing, this lively swarm of tiny cousins and friends sort of wandering, whirling down the center aisle. How I appreciate the relaxed approach my daughter and her betrothed are taking.) And, I’ve finally finished the fabric/beaded flower for my daughter’s wedding gown. (What a joyous project that was!)

It took awhile, and some real sleuthing but I found the dress I wanted. (I could write a book on mother-of-the-bride ensembles!) But I continued to have a terrible time finding the perfect scarf/wrap to wear to this warm, outdoor summer wedding … until I turned to Etsy, the wonderful online shop of artists and crafters.

There I found Tanya Athannassova and her shop, Silk Scarves Colorado. We began an email correspondence, sharing thoughts, designs, palettes, and visions. All of our exchanges peppered with plenty of girl talk. I was so struck by Tanya’s friendly, personable approach, marveling at how she elevated  “customer service” to an all time high!  Add her artistic talents to the mix and it was the perfect experience.

My scarf has arrived and it is absolutely stunning. Thank you, Tanya!

If you ever have a need for a beautiful silk accessory, please visit You’ll be glad you did!

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