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I have had a dear friend since the seventh grade. (I’ll save you the math – it’s a 49 year friendship!) ‘Roco’ is a sweetly wild and crazy, kind and generous soul who loves life and spreads good cheer wherever she goes. She’s on my mind these days because her wonderful mother has recently passed away. I have to say, I think of my friend as a real gem because her mother, Roxie, was a real treasure.

Growing up, I was completely enamored of this family. For a kid to cross their threshold was to be welcomed into the warm and open arms of Roxie, one of the most loving women I have ever come across. There was always room at her table for one more and, of course, her Armenian delicacies were always a treat. But the very best thing? Roxie always seemed to be laughing. Truly! To this day I can close my eyes and hear her joyful laugh, I can see her head thrown back as she sunk into yet another positive, wonderful moment. What a legacy she has left her children.

Roxie will be sorely missed.

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