Tracey, equipped with backpack, in the middle of one of life's ongoing adventures.

An Empty Nest

Tracey Tracey's Blog

Living in an empty nest can be pretty quiet. Life is simple when everything is pared down to the essentials. There are times when I absolutely love it – the peaceful calm that soothes and refreshes. And then there are the times when I look back and wonder how we did everything –  three kids (born in 3.5 years – we often referred to them as our “litter”) two careers, endless pets, parents and families, holidays, gardens to tend, building projects, flat tires, droughts and empty wells (that’s life in the country.) The grocery shopping alone seemed to take up a huge chunk of every week. Life went on and on and on. How did we manage all of that? Oh, that’s right, we were younger, had more energy. Sure I stay busy now, happily busy but I love the freedom to choose how I spend my time. Once in awhile I miss the those childrearing/parenting years terribly, but I have to admit that I love the freedom this empty nest affords me.

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