Dianne Poinski Blooming Flowers


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Last month, when my husband and I were in Sacramento, CA visiting our daughters, we had a fun, sunny afternoon gallery hopping. Knowing how much we enjoy absorbing every kind of art imaginable, our oldest daughter and her husband took us to ‘Arthouse’, a wonderful building full of artists who welcome visitors into their private studios.

That day, I had the good fortune to find Dianne Poinski bent over a table, using pan pastels to hand color a large photograph she had taken.(www.dianepoinski.com) I was mesmerized by her attention to detail. But when I turned to look at her finished pieces hanging throughout her studio, I simply couldn’t stop smiling!

As we talked, I appreciated  Dianne’s willingness to explain her process. Really now, here she was, hard at it but happy to share her art. While we probably spoke no more than ten minutes, I  was struck by Dianne’s knowledge, generosity, and friendliness.

When I returned home, I went to her website and discovered that she offers an online e-course, “Photo Artistry Workshop.” (http://photoartistryworkshop.com/?page_id=77) I signed up and am happily exploring a completely new art form. Dianne writes very clearly, but she also has a really down-to-earth attitude. As a newbie to this approach, I find this aspect of her personality especially appealing.

That’s the great part about life in the second half, meeting new people and trying out new experiences. Do I feel confident about my eventual projects? Not so much. But at this point in life, it doesn’t matter to me if I make mistakes, that’s why it’s called learning! As long as I’m enjoying myself and hopefully learning a thing of two along the way, I couldn’t be any happier.

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