Raccoon in grass


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Growing up in San Diego, I rarely reacted to the change in seasons. After all, nice weather is nice weather. It may be hard to believe for those of you who endure terrible winters but at times, it was a little boring. I recall one November, as a teen, happy to finally be wearing a beautiful wool skirt to school, only to bake myself senseless.

My move to this part of the world, the coast of northern California, brought many changes to my life, including four different seasons. And while our winters can be unusually long, and very wet, I have come to appreciate how Mother Nature travels through 365 days of the year.

Currently, there’s no doubting the signs. Autumn has arrived. At our house, this shift is marked by some interesting little changes; the chill that fills the air at night under the recent full moon; three adolescent raccoons who appear every morning to feast upon the apples still on the ground; the lovely blueberry bushes that have all turned a beautiful shade of deep, maroon. And though we have yet to make our first fire, it will happen soon. I just feel it.

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