Tracey, equipped with backpack, in the middle of one of life's ongoing adventures.

Back from vacation

Tracey Tracey's Blog

I realize some people might not call a 2,600 mile roadtrip a vacation but for me, it was heaven on wheels.Granted, there were only two of us in the car and neither of us ever screamed “are we there yet?.”  I’m the first to admit, this makes a huge difference in the level of enjoyment.

Our goal this time around? Sunshine, remember, it is still very wet here in the Pacific Northwest; scouting possible boating opportunities for a late summer/early fall trip, like Lake Powell; day hikes and picnics; and staying off of  the Interstate whenever possible!

What fun it was to meander along with nothing better to do than stop and explore. I can do exactly the same type of trip cruising along in our boat. It’s the simplicity that truly satisfies me.

I know there are those of you who wonder what to do with yourselves in these later years. Well, I say, go for it, whatever IT is!  Really, if not now, when?

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