Tropical Shoreline

Be prepared

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Can you bear to hear one more person weigh in on our current weather patterns? Sorry. I’ll keep it brief.

Last week, while the majority of our country struggled under the devastatingly frigid and destructive  “polar vortex,” we Californians were practically taking up a collection for our very own rainmaker! It’s official – 2013 was a record setting drought year for us. Approximately 85% of the state is currently experiencing drought conditions. Mandatory water conservation orders have begun in certain parts of our Central Valley. Our vital snow pack is measured at only 24-34% of normal.

Yes, the weather feels rather rebellious.

All I can hope for is whatever your weather conditions, you know how to plan for it. Do a little homework and be prepared. For example, being able to sit out a freezing storm without power is something worth knowing about. Conversely, fully understanding how you can conserve water may make a it better for everyone in your neighborhood. And one thing for sure, pulling together in inclement weather situations is always more favorable than pulling apart.

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