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Birthday Musings

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Having just celebrated another birthday, for which I am always grateful, I find myself looking backwards but more importantly, looking forward. What exactly do I want from my next year on the planet?

I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to mix things up. Not in a Drama Queen kind of way – hardly. No, more in a “variety is the spice of life” kind of way. I don’t seem to have trouble finding interesting things to do, places to go, and people to know. Life seems full and interesting. Naturally I wonder what’s next.

Admittedly, since racking up more and more years, my horizon looks a little different than it did in the past. Having come to terms with the reality that trying to control anything is pure folly, my personal  landscape has changed significantly over the last couple of decades. It’s refreshing to have come to terms with this. Now when I look down the next road, my wants are clear. Maintaining good health remains at the top of my list. Close relationships with family and friends is a priority. Enjoying and appreciating nature continues to feed me well. Challenging my brain is downright exciting. Traveling is always fun.

Mostly, I try not to take my life for granted. Am I afraid of aging? Not so much. Admittedly, I certainly don’t always like getting older. (Yep, it’s a real bummer to feel the years slipping.) But for me, embracing what I have, creating what I can, appreciating the goodness of life, and simply being quiet and still at times, are the things that keep me going these days. Oh, and let’s not forget plenty of laughter!

Who knows what this next year will bring. I sure hope it’s more good than bad but with a respectful nod to that old control thing, or lack thereof, I know the year will be what it is. My goal is to roll with the punches and jump on board the high times. What more could anyone ask for?

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