Oldies but Goodies

Tracey Columns

Original Date of Publication
April 12, 2011


The first time I ever saw the musical group Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, I was a fresh faced seventeen year old. It was a brilliant summer day. The sun was shining, the outdoor coliseum swarmed with happy teenagers and young adults. Beach balls bounced from hands to hands. No one had a care in the world.

If someone told me on that sunny afternoon that I would eventually see Crosby and Nash at a concert some forty-three years later, I would have thought they were nuts! Really, what teenager can even begin to conceive of life beyond the weekend, let alone an entire lifetime away?
And so it came to be that I sat in the HSU Van Duzer Theater awhile back. The place appeared to be sold out. Friends greeted friends. Energy bounced around the building, ricocheting from one enthusiastic fan to another. The stage spilled over with every conceivable piece of electronic musical equipment imaginable – speakers, mics, amps, guitars, drums, keyboards. I felt that anticipatory buzz of yesteryear. Music, perhaps even magic, was about to happen in a very big way.Read More