Holiday Stress Management Tips!

Holiday stress management tips!

TraceyAsk Tracey

December is one of the most stressful months we face and it needn’t be. Each week I’ll be posting tips that will help you remember what this season is supposed to be about! #1 – Evaluate your budget NOW! Include all of the little extras that pop up this month and then decide exactly what you will spend. Wouldn’t it …

Noon clock (with fruit!)

Lunch Invitation

TraceyAsk Tracey

Q:  Is it improper for me, a 72 year old woman, to ask a gentleman out to lunch? A:  Not in the slightest! Enjoy yourself! (Click here to see other Ask Tracey tidbits!)

Uncle Doctor Sam


TraceyAsk Tracey

Q: I  am 63 and getting my Social Security Benefits. When and how do I enroll in Medicare? A: Because you are already receiving your Social Security Benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B effective the month you are 65. For example, if your 65th birthday is February 5, 2013, your Medicare effective date …

Phone Receiver

Caller ID

TraceyAsk Tracey

Q: I am so sick of telemarketers. I put my number on the National “Do Not Call” list and that cut down on a lot of them. But not all. Now what I do? A: It’s a simple solution that I’ve written about before: sign up for Caller ID. You may need to invest in a phone with a screen …


Cost Analysis

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Q: I know it’s hard to believe but where I live we just got wired up for the Internet. I want to sign up. Right now, I drive twelve miles into town, in our gas guzzling pick-up no less, to use WIFI at the library. I go at least four days a week. My husband, who hates computers, says it …

Nursing Home

Nursing Home Negotiations

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Q: My mother is in a nursing home. She can’t stand her roommate. (The poor woman has some kind of dementia. She’s very nervous, says outlandish things and talks all night long.) I’ve asked if my mother can switch rooms but the staff just brushes me off. What can I do? A: As a patient, your mother has rights and …

Wallet of Cash

Generous Friends

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Q: I’m on a fixed income but I enjoy getting together with my women friends for lunch a few times a month. To be perfectly frank, they are all in better financial situations than I am and they insist on paying for my lunch. This makes me very uncomfortable so I have stopped going so much. But I miss them. …

Road Sign to Confusion

New Directions

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Q: A few months ago I filed for divorce from my husband of 31 years. (Sadly, I should have done it 30 years ago.) My adult children are fine with it, since they have always known how difficult their father is. It’s other people who say the dumbest things to me. Everyone has an opinion. How do I handle these …


Boomer Bashing

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Q: I get tired of all of the “Boomer Bashing” that goes on. People saying that we’re draining Social Security, that we’re causing all of the spikes in healthcare costs, or that we should retire and let the younger generations have the jobs. What would you say in our defense? A: Nothing! Sorry, that may not be a very satisfying …

62? No, 67!

Lying About Age

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Q: I have a friend who lies about her age. She’s 67 and tells people she’s 62. She says it’s nobody’s business and I suppose she’s right but to me, a lie is still a lie. What do you think? A:  I always feel a little sad for people who lie about their age. (And really, a five year spread? …