Wooden Boat Festival

Tracey Bucket List

I’m happy to report that we are checking something off of our Bucket List – participation in the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival! Should be a great time! (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Salt and Pepper Chessboard

Chess, anyone?

Tracey Bucket List

Alice writes: “I’ve always been intimidated by the game of chess. (My father was a talented player and a game with him was always demoralizing.) But I decided it was time to let that old stuff go. I am now playing chess again, on-line even, and having a great time.” (Click here to see what others have checked off their …

Duck Pond

Vacationing at home

Tracey Bucket List

Wayne writes: “I travel extensively for my job. It gets old and makes me less than enthused when it comes to summer vacations. But my wife had the best idea – we’re spending our first week of vacation at home, exploring our favorite places, watching old movies, eating out, cooking together. The following week we’ll head out for a relaxed …

Driftwood Coastline


Tracey Bucket List

Cheryl writes: “I have spent most of my life on the water whenever I had the opportunity, sailing mostly.  (I love it when you write about your boating adventures!) Six months ago, at age 66, I joined a women’s rowing team. It is one of the most grueling sports I have ever tried and I am in heaven! My next …

Hay and Potatos

Potato Towers

Tracey Bucket List

Steve writes: “Okay, nothing is off limits for Bucket Lists, right? Thought I’d throw this out there. I am growing potatoes in hay towers this season. Seems practical, something different.I’ll let you know if it works.”  Dear Steve …  actually, some Bucket List things are off limits when it comes to publication but potato towers certainly aren’t on that list! I’m actually …

A Bucket of Tiramisu


Tracey Bucket List

Shelly writes: “When I was a college student I went to Italy as an exchange student. It was the best year of my young life. I fell in love with a boy (!) and with tiramisu, that luscious dessert Italy is famous for. My boy crush ended before I returned home but my love affair with tiramisu never ended. Here’s …

Thank You Card


Tracey Bucket List

Sally writes: “I made a goal to start being more appreciative in my life. That’s not my Bucket List thing. No, for my Bucket List, I tracked down teachers who had made an impact in my life. Sadly, some of them had passed on but I was able to send a few very special people a card of appreciation. It …

Blazing Bonfire

Beach Bonfire

Tracey Bucket List

Margaret writes: “When my husband and I decided to visit the west coast for the first time in our lives, we told our daughter that we hoped we could join her and our precious grandchildren, around a huge beach bonfire. (Trust me – when you have lived in Kansas all of your life, imagine beach scenes like this is a …


Surf’s Up!

Tracey Bucket List

Stan writes: “On vacation last week in Maui, I had my very first surfing lesson! I’m 70 years old – how about that?! Sure, I spent nearly all of the time falling off but I still had a great time!”  Photo credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net/Liz Noffsinger (Click here to see what others have checked off their ‘bucket lists’)

Bucket in the Sand

One for the entire family

Tracey Bucket List

Marie writes: ”I don’t know about other families but when school lets out for the summer, we’ve found that all of the free time can sometimes backfire. But now, I’m optimistic my family will have better time over the next couple of months because we have done a “Summer of ’14 Family Bucket List.” I know, maybe it sounds too …