When I'm 64

When I’m 64

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It finally happened last week. The words of a Beatles song became my official anthem. I turned 64. The McCartney/Lennon song, “When I’m 64”  first made its way onto the charts in 1967 when I was a high school sophomore. Like everyone else I knew, I was trying to navigate my way through adolescence. Defined by a culture that wanted …

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Age Discrimination: Part 2

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Simply put, discrimination is about one individual judging another based on nothing more than ignorance and prejudice, not individual merit. No matter what form  discrimination takes, it is always a distasteful and illegal practice. Age discrimination in the workplace is no exception. And sadly, this unjust practice is on the rise. In last week’s post, I addressed the subtleties of …

Yard Sea Serpent

Age Discrimination: Part 1

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Dear Tracey, Please address age discrimination, particularly employment discrimination for “elder ” workers. Shine some light on this issue. Thank you, KC Dear KC, Gladly! Thank you for bringing up this significant, though often ignored, topic that is unfortunately far too common. Age discrimination in the workplace is one of those dirty little secrets that exist and is sadly on …

Small House on the Street


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Dear Tracey, My husband and I have been retired for over thirteen years. We’ve really enjoyed the freedom of the last decade or so but now we have finally decided to move closer to our children. (Not on top of them, mind you. We’re all too independent for that arrangement.) We have sold our house here and purchased a little …

European Tower

Afraid to Travel

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Dear Tracey, My best friend called me last night and said, “I know you won’t do this but at least hear me out.” Then she invited me to go with her next month on a three week tour of Europe. (The tour company she has used before is having a big ‘last minute’ sale.) Why did she start the conversation …

Doll House

Missing My Family

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Dear Tracey, For the last week my house has been alive with family. My kids and grand kids all converged. We went to the beach, had cookouts, baked cookies, and watched funny movies. I was in heaven. And now? They left and I’m down. The house is too quiet. I don’t want to do anything. I try to fight the …

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The Surprising Magic of Mary Poppins

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Local folks … looking for some enchanting summer entertainment for people of all ages? Mark your calendar for Humboldt Light Opera Company’s summer production, Mary Poppins! Most of us only know of the popular movie version of Mary Poppins. But the adaptation of this endearing story to the stage has a slightly different orientation. Based on the books by P.L.Travers, …

Flowers by Fence

Take Initiative to Make Friends

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Dear Tracey, I’m 75 and having trouble finding friends. Seems like I should know how to do this by now, right? But no. I’ve been blessed with long friendships but everyone has moved away to be closer to their kids or, worse, two of my dearest friends have passed away. With any one of these wonderful people, I could just …

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A Mother’s Worry

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It’s fire season again and out here in the West, the fires have begun. Here’s a post for the families of these courageous and sometimes very young firefighters. Dear Tracey, I am awake every night with worry. My 20 year old son is spending his first summer as a fire fighter. It’s something he’s wanted to do since he was …

Outdoor Reception

The Business of Weddings

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Though it’s now been a couple of weeks since our daughter’s wedding celebration, it’s safe to say that my husband and I are still riding high. Our time together was so full of love and laughter. I’m happy for the newlyweds and for both of our families. We will all benefit from this union. However, the experience has also left …