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Life is too Short

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These last weeks have have been an absolute blur. They have been jammed pack with activities I  enjoy and feel very enthusiastic about. Fun stuff, all of it. The problem? I finally came up for air last week and realized it was all too much. Something had to give. At first, the realization  made me wonder: was age impacting my …


Finally … and here’s why.

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I know many people are terribly upset by the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality. I ask that you take the time to read the closing paragraph of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion on this issue. My hope is that it may clarify why millions, myself included, are celebrating this historic and long over-due decision. The Justice wrote: “No union is …

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Things are growing!

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You may have noticed that I haven’t been here much lately. As my previous post explained, I have been on a creative roll and my time is being spent on a number of exciting projects. One of those is the development of a new blog. It’s a really fun process for me and I am working with a wonderful, dynamic, …

Arts and Crafts

The magical decade

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For the last few years, I’ve been experiencing a massive burst of creative energy. So much so, that I sometimes have trouble keeping up with all of the ideas  swirling around in my brain. (It’s true … some days, my physical energy just isn’t what it used to be. It’s very subtle but yeah, it’s there. Dang.) But ever since …

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The value of staying active

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We have some very dear friends who, in a few weeks, are embarking on yet another wonderful adventure. At 72 and 76, they will be spending eight weeks in Europe. They’ll break up the trip by staying in different places for a week or two at a time. At each location they’ll be going on day hikes, sightseeing, and enjoying …

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Guilty Pleasure

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I know our friends in the east are slogging through one of the worst winters in recent memory. They are buried under far too much snow and braving freezing temperatures, which makes my toes curl when I imagine the misery. Surely, the winter doldrums have set in for many. A blue winter mood used to be much more common around …

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Take a risk!

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I had a meeting this week with our local PBS station, exploring ideas stemming from our wonderfully successful “Wisdom in the Spotlight” production last November. I had no idea how it would go since I’d never done anything like this before. Yes, this is me being nervous. Maybe I shouldn’t say things like this out loud? Maybe I should be all …

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Love-hate relationship

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There’s a television ad running these days and I have to admit it catches my attention every time. It begins 21 years ago. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble are just becoming aware of the Internet. Email? What the heck is that? They’re baffled by the technology exploding all around them, as were so many of the rest of us. The …

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They’re Back!

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When my husband retired, he had a number of projects in mind. First off? He attacked the back third of our one acre lot and managed to clear away all of the fence-to-fence blackberry bushes that had been growing for decades. Next, since it had always been the low corner where water collected all winter, we decided to try for …