In a Pickle

The Millionaire

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Do you remember that television show from the fifties, “The Millionaire”? A polite man would arrive at a stranger’s door and award them one million dollars. The generous  benefactor he represented always insisted on anonymity. The recipients were shocked, some thoroughly confused. Most did not believe their good fortune. But what they did with the money was the real focus …

Tesselation Waves

Happy New Year!

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And so it begins … another year! Like many of you I am old enough to have endless “where did 2014 go?” thoughts. The year zipped right by, didn’t it? And while I recognize that, scientifically speaking, time really doesn’t move at a different rate, at this age, it sure seems like it does! What’s on your “To Do” list? …

Creamer Swirling in Coffee

The Morning After

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Holiday Tip #5 – don’t do anything unless you have to! That being said, I am taking a few days to re-group and recover from the wonderful whirlwind of that last few weeks. Consequently, I’m taking a pass on my blog and I have to admit, it feels pretty darned good! Hope you can find a way to kick back a …

Bear Fairy Ornament

Holiday Tip #4

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Feeling a tad freaked out right now? The clock is ticking and it’s crunch time. Some of you have already begun Hanukkah. I wonder if your stress levels are a bit lower? For others, these last few days can be, pardon me, just plain nuts. With those of you in mind, here’s a Holiday Tip #4. I have a little …

Father XMas Decoration

Holiday Tip #3 – Simple Meals

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Among all of the other requirements of this month, food – both preparing and consuming – is at the top of the list. But for many people, like those still putting in a forty hour work week and/or raising kids, meals and preparation of special meals, can add real pressure. My tip for the week? Keep meals  simple … and …

Critters in XMas Stocking Ornament

Holiday Survival Tip #2

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Here we all are, right in the middle of what can be one of the most stressful times of the entire year. Too bad, since it can also be a rewarding and meaningful few weeks … if you can manage to approach things with your well being in mind! With this focus, here is Holiday Survival Tip, #2: Simplify your …

Gazebo in Snow

Holiday Tips

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Well, it’s begun – the busiest time of year is upon us. Many of you might be feeling some relief. With Thanksgiving over, some languish in the after-glow, caught up in a sort of ‘one down and one to go’ mentality. For others, there’s no relief in sight and there won’t be until sometime after all of the holiday decorations …

LTYM Cast Lineup

Where did the year go?

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The last few months have been zooming by. Admittedly, I was pretty caught up in all of the details of developing and then presenting my show, Wisdom in the Spotlight. But wow, it’s mid-November! Where has the last year gone? It really hit home this week when I read that Listen To Your Mother, a show I did last May, …

Sunset reflection on Lake


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I think it’s safe to say that energy, or lack thereof, is one of those commodities that age begins to slowly steal away from us. Oh, it’s a very subtle process but still, there is no denying that the older you get, the less energy you have. As I write this, I’m a few days ahead of a what I …

Tracey and Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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I managed to sneak in a quick trip to beautiful San Diego this week. It was my mother’s 88th birthday and I sure didn’t want to miss celebrating with her. My brother and I took her to a wonderful little restaurant for lunch and we all enjoy walking down memory lane together. Our dear mother raised the two of us …