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Happy Birthday, Mom!

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I managed to sneak in a quick trip to beautiful San Diego this week. It was my mother’s 88th birthday and I sure didn’t want to miss celebrating with her. My brother and I took her to a wonderful little restaurant for lunch and we all enjoy walking down memory lane together. Our dear mother raised the two of us …

Stage Spotlight

People do change

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These days, I’m up to my ears organizing what I think is going to be a really wonderful show, “Wisdom in the Spotlight.” I will be hosting eleven talented people, every one of them in the second half of life, as they share their bits of wisdom. The topics they’s written about are wonderful, their stories memorable, and I think the …

Old Railroad Bridge

Birthday Musings

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Having just celebrated another birthday, for which I am always grateful, I find myself looking backwards but more importantly, looking forward. What exactly do I want from my next year on the planet? I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to mix things up. Not in a Drama Queen kind of way – hardly. No, more in a …

Writer's Digest Cover

For Writers

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I’m happy to be included in the October issue of Writer’s Digest magazine.Why? Their cover says it all:Your Guide to Getting an Agent. ( Perhaps your manuscript is nearly complete or maybe you’ve received too many rejection letters. (Trust me, it happens.) No matter where you are in the writing process, this issue will help you find your way. My …

A Pair of Flowers

Thinking of others

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I’ve been keeping tabs on a difficult, but very hopeful situation involving one of my friend’s grandchildren, a delightful five year old sprite who has cancer. Isn’t that just the kind of information that drops your stomach to the floor? Yet, I understand little Maddie is a real trouper. My friend had this to say about her remarkable granddaughter: “Maddie …

Wading Dog

We’re off!

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Speaking of travel … we’re off some having fun. Be back soon! (Click here to see other entries from my blog)

Stage Spotlight

There’s still time!

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – The Second Half: Wisdom in the Spotlight. If you live in the area or would be willing to visit this beautiful part of the world, consider joining me for this fun show benefitting OLLI, where people over fifty will be the stars! Submit your 750 essay about one life lesson you believe is worth sharing. (Details in …

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Call for submissions

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Please read my column this week, “The Second Half: Wisdom in the Spotlight,” and then come back here for a few additional thoughts! I conceived of this show following my experiences as a member of the “Listen to your Mother” production last May. That entire experience reminded me that storytelling is such a profound way to communicate with one another. …

Painting of Woman Pointing

Good people

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This week’s column (‘The Second Half’) is about how to handle inconsiderate people. Sadly, this is a topic I am often asked about. Yep, there are days when it seems like the good guys are in the minority.  Inconsideration seems to be running rampant throughout every corner of our culture. Complete strangers barrel down the highway in violation of the law …

Listen to your Mother 2014 Logo

Listen To Your Mother

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The videos are LIVE! Sometimes, writers do more than write … like when they are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about things like motherhood. And that’s exactly what Listen To Your Mother is all about! I was so proud, and grateful, to be a part of this national production that benefits women and children throughout …