takeout containers

Another meal

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My friend and I were leaving the restaurant the other night after dinner. Each of us had a container of food. The servings are always way too big for a couple of little old ladies! It works out because usually each of us gets another dinner out of it. But this evening we came across a homeless man. He was …

book and eyeglasses

The Joy of Reading

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Carol writes: A couple of months ago I started reading to residents in an assisted living facility. First, I helped four who were interested in this pick out what they wanted to hear read. Then, each week, I go from room to room reading their selections – I do about 20 minutes per book. My throat is a little parched …

waving hand

A Simple Wave

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Lola writes: This is pretty simple but it has been great fun to watch people’s reactions. When I drive through my neighborhood, I wave at people. Not just those neighbors I already know but others as well. Some people are shocked and sort of freeze but mostly, people smile and then wave back. It seems like such a simple thing …

RAK Week

A Good Week!

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Gary writes: “Did you know that February 11 through February 17 was “Random Acts of Kindness Week”? I’ve had great fun all week long doing nice things for people. Nothing fancy nor expensive, just kind. Check it out at www.randomactsofkindness.org.” (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)

AFS Exchange

AFS Exchange

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Gayle writes: More than a dozen years ago, at age 47, I became a ‘parent’ for the first time! I had agreed to host an AFS exchange student, a girl from Bolivia, for the school year. Since then I have happily been ‘mom’ to 5 others, as well as a liaison, driver, chaperone, etc for many others every year since. …

happy egg people

Funny eggs, happy neighbor

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Rose writes: I don’t think this is exactly what you usually get in response to “Who’s Doing What?” but I had to pass it on. I keep an eye on my elderly neighbor down the street, picking up groceries, doing errands. etc. She recently asked me to get her a dozen eggs. Before I put the carton into her fridge, …

big brothers big sisters

A Happy “Big Sister”

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I have always been interested in the Big Brother/Big Sister program but honestly, I was hesitant to commit to that much each time every week. (The last thing I ever wanted would have been to disappoint a child by not having enough time.) But now I am retired and being a ‘Big Sister’ is one of the highlights of my …

A Clean Crosswalk

Neighborhood clean-up

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Bob writes: I read about the National Day of Service but  I’m not much of a joiner so I didn’t know what to do. Then I thought about all of the trash I see when I take my walk. It was pretty easy to just pick it up that day. Might do it regularly from now on. (Want to know …

MLK Day of Service

National Day of Service

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” With this in mind, please share with us your plans for this year’s National Day of Service on January 19th? (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)

Kindness is Contagious, So Pass It On!

52 Weeks of Kindness

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Alison writes: “I have decided to see if I can perform one act of kindness per week for all of 2013. Why not? All it takes is paying attention and simple action.” Dear Alison: I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it and by all means, keep us posted on your progress! Anybody else like to share what you …