Gold Wristwatch

The gift of time

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I finally realized  that I was always feeling so guilty that I didn’t want to give more of my time. The end result was I ended up not giving any time at all. That’s about to change. After I get through the holidays, and with the New Year in mind, I’m going to pick one local organization and give them four – …

Wish list

The gift of giving

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I like it that grandparents are weighing in with their ideas. At our house, we take our grandchildren to pick children’s names from the ‘Giving Tree’ at the mall and then take them shopping. They get to experience how good it feels to give rather than always receive. (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)


Sharing traditions

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My son is dating a lovely young woman who is Jewish. We are Catholics. (If he has any sense he’ll ask her to marry him!) We will be having them over for Christmas dinner but I want her to feel her religion is honored. Even though Hanukkah ends on December 16th this year, I called her and asked if she …

Charity Navigator

Charity Tradition

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Our grandkids will be coming over this weekend for our annual charity gift giving with them. It works like this. Each year we “give” them $25 to donate to a charity. We all sit down at the computer and go over various organizations that they might like to support. (We use for ideas.) Over hot chocolate and cookies, we talk about …

Our Flag

Get Out the Vote

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I did something for this election that I’ve never volunteered for in my entire life. I went door-to-door for my candidate. It wasn’t easy but I decided it was time for me to contribute more  than my vote to the process. I met some wonderful people, a few pills, but it was over-all, a positive experience. (Want to know who …

Red Cross

The American Red Cross

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A friend told me that the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy finally propelled her to “get off of my duff.” She had been thinking about becoming a Red Cross Volunteer and has now signed up for their training. As she put it, “I’m retired and still very able-bodied. Why not give of myself in whatever way that I can?” Makes good …

Dog and leash

Helping A Neighbor

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I have a neighbor down the block who I didn’t know very well. I kept seeing her dog in the yard a lot, which was unusual. Then I heard the woman was laid up from surgery. It took me awhile to knock on her door (honestly, I felt a little funny) but I offered to walk her dog. I got …

Paint Buckets

Graffiti Be Gone

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I had a great time last weekend. I volunteered with a group of people to paint out graffiti that peppers our lovely town. The weather was perfect and the company lively. The satisfaction I felt when we were through was perhaps the best of all. (Want to know who else has been doing some good?  Click here!)

Canned food

Food to Share

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I just started this on my own. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over 30 years and I know practically everyone here. So what I decided to do was easy (and might not work for everyone.)  Once a month, I go house-to-house and collect food, which I then drive down to our local Food Bank. Many neighbors just leave …


Library volunteer

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I know many people who volunteer in elementary classrooms, which I think is great.  But I take another approach. Now that school has started up again, you’ll find me in the library. I don’t think most people know just how badly library budgets have been cut. I just love helping the kids find a book they’ll love and the teachers …