Red vest

Change … or not.

Tracey Tracey's Blog

It seems to me that one of the greatest hurdles we face as we age is the tendency to get stuck. Over time, we do things the same way over and over again … just because we always have. We hold on to ideas adopted in our youth … just because we always have. We go places, like things, prefer activities … just because we always have.

Part of this is natural; it’s our human tendency to seek out comfort, which feels good for plenty of reasons. Most importantly, comfort makes us feel secure. But I believe languishing in our comfort zone can also be a limitation. Sure, we need to feel secure but at what cost? I see people missing out on so many new experiences and opportunities because the fear of doing something different is greater than the fear of staying stuck.

I’m not talking about hiking Mt. Everest here, folks. (Of course, if that’s your dream, GO for it.) I am merely contemplating the value of mixing things up a bit now and then. Never worn red? Buy yourself a new blouse! Always wanted to swing dance? Take some lessons! Wish you knew how to build furniture? Register for a class!

Start small, be informed, get support. Really now, what have you got to lose?

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