Civility Honored – What a Concept!

Tracey Good News

My hat is off to Allegheny College ( for their first ever “Prize for Civility in Public Life.” Given to journalists and commentators David Brooks of the New York Times and nationally syndicated columnist Mark Shieds, this award acknowledges two members of different ideological beliefs “who show noteworthy civility while continuing to fight passionately for their beliefs.”

What a concept – the art of respectful discourse in the face of opposing opinions.

Who among us can be happy with the disintegration of political discussions? How absolutely refreshing for a respected institution of higher learning to publicly acknowledge the value of conversation that is respectful, courteous, and polite.

My thanks to  Allegheny College for their brilliant concept, and the gumption to act upon it, and to both Mr. Brooks and Mr. Shields for showing all of us how beneficial it is to practice simple civility.

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