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As I told you in last week’s musings, Humboldt Light Opera Company is in the process of pulling together yet another big, beautiful, magical production. Rehearsals for Cinderella continue and trust me, they have my full attention! I am lucky enough to have landed this the Stepmother role. As I watch, and participate in, all of the bits and pieces of this show coming together, I realize how good it is for me. I’m truly “stretching” myself. My brain is working overtime but in a very good way. With lines to remember, blocking to master (where one stands and/or moves to in any given scene), and cues to listen for, my neurological system is on fire! Sure, at times it is all a bit overwhelming but how I love it! The clock is ticking – we open Friday, August 3. That night, and for the following three weekends, everyone in the cast, as well as you in the audience, will have the fun of experiencing their own “Cinderella” night!

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