Completed Boatframe


Tracey Tracey's Blog

Here’s how it happened. Six men came together on a very wet Sunday. Using incredible problem-solving, collaboration, cooperation, and plenty of humor, they managed to pull a 27’4”, 1.5 ton boat hull out of my husband’s shop, roll it all the way over to be right side up, and then push it back into the shop. It took over 1,000 feet of ropes, countless set-ups of block and tackle, patience and nine hours … all of it in the on-again, off-again rain!

The next night, my husband and I climbed up into the hull for the first time! Toasting the success of the roll, we were like a couple of little kids, relieved that the job had been successful and now giddy that the next phase of construction can begin. Mostly, we were grateful to have had the help and expertise of so many fine men!

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