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This just in from the United Kingdom (!) … a whiff of rosemary helps your memory! Even better, simply inhaling the essential oil from the herb can increase your memory by 60-75 percent. Sign me up!

However, today’s ramblings aren’t exactly about sniffing essential oils, though I am intrigued by this study.  No, today you find me contemplating my love affair with the Internet! It’s true – the value of rosemary oil is exactly the kind of research tidbit that I love discovering while surfing the net. I find cruising along in cyberspace nearly intoxicating. Endless information is available to me at a mere swipe of the touch pad. I can find out where Rodrigo Borgia studied law (Bologna, Italy) or locate 2013’s worst U.S. allergy city. (My apologies to those of you who live in Jackson, MS.)

But why, you ask, would anyone care about such random information? And I have to answer, why not? I have always been a bit of an information junkie. In the Dark Ages (pre-computers, yes, I go back that far) I had way too many magazine subscriptions.  My poor husband fought the resulting stacks and stacks of old issues I stashed, so convinced was I that I just had to keep the article I had found on genetic counseling or the recipe for a Dutch Baby. (For the record, that’s a breakfast treat, not a blonde haired, blue eyed, two legged wonder!) My children would roll their eyes as I quoted yet another “article” I had read. Oh, how they all suffered!

How wonderful it is that now I can quietly, privately hide out in my office and get my daily “fix” of informational goodies. Yep, I can just happily feed my brain to my heart’s content.

And who knows, maybe today, I’ll linger by the rosemary bush on the deck, inhale deeply and see if I can remember exactly what it is I have written this morning!

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