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Well, it’s official … boomers are taking over Facebook!  In a study by iStrategy Labs, kids between the ages of 13 and 17 have dropped their usage of Facebook  by about 25%, college kids are down 59%. Meanwhile, Facebook users over 55 years have surged by 80%.

What an interesting development, right? I, for one, enjoy my limited time on Facebook. It allows me another connection with all of my readers, as well as giving me an opportunity to share positive news and writing tidbits. I know for many of us, there’s also the opportunity to keep up with family and friends from all over the world. It’s a geezers delight!

And apparently, it’s all at the expense of the kids! Why? It’s pretty understandable … they want more privacy and distance from their parents, not less.

But if you happen to own stock in Facebook, I wouldn’t be worried. Given the fact that we have much longer attention spans than all of those kids, I bet we’ll have a great run on this social media site for a very long time.

Art credit – http://katefosson.deviantart.com/art/Social-Media-Icons-158230008

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