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Follow your dreams!

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My husband and I have been discussing something on and off for over a year now: should he build us another boat? Obviously, he wants to and frankly, I want him to. Some of my reasons are quite selfish – the man builds beautiful boats and many of our most amazing times are spent together on the water. But it’s more important than that – I want him happy, I want him healthy, and building a boat would help him stay that way.

Retirement means finding things to do that satisfy us and perhaps, challenge us. We need activities and pursuits that give us purpose. He has a full schedule that has him enjoying a rich retirement. He volunteers in kindergarten a couple of times a week, sings twice a week with his buddies, happily engages in his Spanish language DVD program, swims, bikes, etc.. The man is as busy as ever.

But boat-building falls into a completely different category than volunteering or singing.  Boat-building is a passion for him and since  he is lucky enough to have a passion (and physically and mentally able to pursue it) why would I ever say no to that?

While I realize this particular topic it’s something most couples entertain, I am sure you all have your own variations. So take heart. If you are retired or planning for retirement, please follow your dreams!

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