Gallery Bookshop

Gallery Bookshop

Tracey Good News

Is there any place more comforting than a good old fashioned, independent bookstore?

You’ll know exactly what I mean if you ever have the opportunity to visit  Gallery Bookshop, in Mendocino, California. This gem, located in a delightful, historic building and facing the windswept bluffs atop the Pacific Ocean, seems to greet you with open arms. And the smell of books? Oh my, I’ll take that familiar fragrance over expensive parfume de toilette any day.

The ‘good news’ about this bookshop? It’s the look, the feel, the selection, the delightful owner, Christie Olson Day,  and her attentive staff. It’s simply their entire philosophy. Here’s how their lovely, heartfelt ‘manifesto’ begins: “We believe in the book. We believe in quieting the noise and listening to the stories.” After reading their entire statement, you’ll know why I fell in love with this place.

The Gallery Bookshop, and independent bookstores everywhere, such good news for all of us!

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