Geezer Farm

Geezer Farm & CSA Shares

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Here’s a concept I wish was standard throughout our entire country, “community supported agriculture.” It’s what they are doing at Geezer Farms, in  Staunton, Virginia for example. ( Run by a couple of intrepid and talented Boomers, this ‘second half’ venture is proving to be worthwhile for everyone involved.

Here’s the CSA concept: farmers connect directly with consumers via a production and distribution system and everyone benefits. Consumers buy “shares” of the farmer’s harvest in advance. This helps farmers with much needed capital early in their season and also guarantees them a market for their crops. The consumer benefits from overall lower food costs, typically organic, field-fresh produce, and greater access to high-demand fruits and vegetables.

Look around in your community for this innovative approach to farming. Feed yourself better food while supporting local farmers.

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