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This week’s column (‘The Second Half’) is about how to handle inconsiderate people. Sadly, this is a topic I am often asked about. Yep, there are days when it seems like the good guys are in the minority. 

Inconsideration seems to be running rampant throughout every corner of our culture. Complete strangers barrel down the highway in violation of the law and common sense. Highly paid sports figures act like spoiled children. Some elected officials indulge in rude behavior that is self-righteously delivered! I have to admit that rude behavior feels more and more commonplace. It’s a challenge to keep our perspective.

However, the recent weekend I spent with my family was a good reminder that polite, respectful people exist in the world. I was especially tickled every time the youngest member of our cabin gathering, a soon to be four year old, said please and thank you. Even better, at such a tender age she often spoke these words without even being prompted! Clearly, like many other children  I know, she was being raised to believe that respectful and considerate behavior is the way to be in the world.  

We also experienced a number of positive exchanges while we were at the marina launching, and then hauling out our boat. The place was full of friendly people having a good time. Sure, there was one ski boat blaring music at the expense of the rest of us but all things considered, the good guys clearly out numbered the bad guys! 

So, to all of us who at times feel like the world of positive, considerate people is slipping away, remember, decent people exist! All we need to do is look for them. 

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