Humboldt Coastline

Good Samaritans

Tracey Good News

A few of weeks ago, we had a mini family reunion. The weather was beautiful, so a trip to the beach was in order. We’d been on the sand just long enough to pull out our lunch when it quickly became apparent that something big was happening with the surf. And when that happens here in the Pacific Northwest, the thing to do is to move far, far away away from the waves. We did!

A few days that I saw a story about a swimmer in Oregon who was struggling to get back to shore the same day we had all moved to higher ground. Sizing up the situation, a group of people formed a human chain to pull her to safety. (The rest of her party ultimately needed the Coast Guard to rescue them from an outcropping of rocks.)

I’m not sure if this approach would be completely sanctioned by those who are trained to risk their lives rescuing people but I have to hand it to this group of people. They saw a young woman in perilous circumstances and they managed to pull her to safety and that is very good news.

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