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Good weather, good times

Tracey Tracey's Blog

The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful, something those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest don’t ever take for granted. On the contrary, sunny days are to be enjoyed at all costs. 

As a consequence of this massive sunshine blitz, my work schedule this week has been turn upside down! Thanks to the beauty of being self employed, those things I need to do by day, like meet with my wonderful clients, I do. The rest of my work responsibilities – writing my column, maintaining my website, correspondence, etc, are getting done only after the sun has set. Yep, I’m burning the midnight oil … and I couldn’t be happier. 

Spending as much of the day I can in my garden is satisfying, richly rewarding. (Quite simply, I like to see things grow and flourish.) This kind of activity increases my energy and my enthusiasm for life!  Some days, all I may grab is an hour weeding the strawberries in the late afternoon but I always find myself refreshed.

Not self-employed? No matter. With these long days, you can still grab some outdoor time if you give yourself permission to mix things up. Plan on eating dinner late, so that you can simply be outside soaking up the good weather. You don’t have to be pulling weeds to get the benefit. Read a book, call a good friend, write an old fashioned letter … just make sure that whatever you decide to do that you are in the great out-of-doors. You’ll be glad you did! 

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