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My husband and I recently attended our oldest daughter’s graduation from UC Berkeley, and like many of you out there with children, it was a proud day for all of us. (There’s a funny little detail about this ceremony worth noting – it was her second Master’s degree from Cal. Yep, that kid has always LOVED education, so we weren’t too surprised when, after first earning her MSW, she rolled right on into an MPH program.) But sitting in that audience, I was struck by just how many other young people were doing the exact same thing – pursuing their passions! It made me feel optimistic about this country’s furure, to see so many motivated people completing their goals. And what a treat it was to be among such supportive, happy families.

So, on those days when you might feel like this country is heading in the wrong direction, think again. There are thousands of recent grads, both young and old, dedicated to making the world a better place. Congraulations to all 2012 graduates!

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