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HLOC’s S.P.A.C.E.!

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Rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to the performing arts. While the audiences are there, as well as countless kids and adults who are eager to learn and participate, financial backing can be sorely lacking.

Yet for over 40 years, Humboldt Light Opera Company of northern California has managed to produced over 120 musicals, light operas, and operas. Trust me, this is no small feat! Truly a community theater company, HLOC has invested endless hours teaching all aspects of musical theater to all ages. They have also invested time and energy into developing a strong educational program for children, HLO KidCo.

And now, their contributions to Humboldt County are about to take another huge leap. HLOC has secured the perfect S.P.A.C.E.  — Sunnybrae Performing Arts Center for Education. This building that will allow the company to not only have rehearsal space, costume storage, and an office but to increase their much needed educational programs for people of ALL ages. (Yep, that means those of us over fifty!)

Once up and running, the building will be able to financially to sustain itself. Now, about getting those doors open … here’s how you can help!

Before HLOC can begin using their new SPACE, they need to remodel the existing building into two classrooms, add a dance floor (hello tap class!) and get the restroom up to ADA standards. They’ll also need to  “… purchase wood, doors, mirrors, paint, soundproofing, carpet, office furniture and equipment, signage and additional items to build a safe, functional and beautiful SPACE for all!”

So many will benefit from HLOC’s amazing vision! For more information on how you can help turn this dream into a reality for our community, go to:


Thank you!

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