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Holiday Survival Tip #2

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Here we all are, right in the middle of what can be one of the most stressful times of the entire year. Too bad, since it can also be a rewarding and meaningful few weeks … if you can manage to approach things with your well being in mind!

With this focus, here is Holiday Survival Tip, #2: Simplify your traditions! While you may have been doing the same holiday production for decades, it may be time to re-visit the wisdom of this approach. You know the feeling … you drag through an activity because you should, because it’s always been this way.

Guess what? While maintaining some traditions is vital, consider others you may be ready to retire. For an example, perhaps you’ve been an enthusiastic cookie baker for years but now find the process less rewarding. Simplify! Either cut down on the variety of cookies you bake or switch to store bought. Most people won’t know, or even care about the difference. If it saves you time and energy for something more enjoyable, I say it’s time to revamp your cookie production … and any other tradition that doesn’t feel like it’s worth your time and effort.

Take a big breath and just do it!

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