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Holiday Tip #3 – Simple Meals

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Among all of the other requirements of this month, food – both preparing and consuming – is at the top of the list. But for many people, like those still putting in a forty hour work week and/or raising kids, meals and preparation of special meals, can add real pressure.

My tip for the week? Keep meals  simple … and healthy! How? With a little planning and some real shortcuts.

Begin by saying a big NO to fast food. Sure, it’s tempting to make a run through the drive-through but no one benefits from this quick solution. Instead, focus on one-pot meals, simple tacos or burgers, maybe a couple of crock pot soups. Remember, not every meal has to be worthy of a dietitians stamp of approval. A good bowl of soup with some fruit or a salad and you’re good to go.

Use other shortcuts to make cooking easier. I love it that I can buy a good pizza dough from my local grocery story. Add pre-made pesto, some cheese, and we’re set. Look for other products that make your meal prep easier.

Keep a running list what you need to buy when you do your grocery shopping. I’ve taken to keeping this list on my phone so that if I find myself in the grocery store, I’m ready to be efficient! I know, for many of you this is standard but now is the time to make sure you put this kind of organizational tool to work.

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