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Holiday Tip #4

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Feeling a tad freaked out right now? The clock is ticking and it’s crunch time. Some of you have already begun Hanukkah. I wonder if your stress levels are a bit lower? For others, these last few days can be, pardon me, just plain nuts. With those of you in mind, here’s a Holiday Tip #4.

I have a little exercise for you. It will take twenty  minutes and yes, you can find twenty minutes. Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet place, and write what about what it is you actually want this holiday to be. Focus on your values, your priorities, your heartfelt wishes.

Sometimes getting our perspective in the midst of the chaos helps us re-group. Maybe instead of staying up until the wee hours wrapping gifts, you finally ask others to help you? (There’s a thought!) Or, you invest in gift bags! Perhaps, instead of racing to the store for what you thought were those must have table decorations, you simply use what you already have on hand. Been looking for that perfect gift for your teenage nephew? Grab a gift card and trust he will be thrilled. (He will.)

Take a good hard look at how you want things to go. Then, take a big breath and make some adjustments. Really now, when all is said and done, will anyone have even noticed that you recycled table decorations from previous years? To the contrary, they might even appreciate a bit of nostalgia as they are reminded of other special gatherings.

You can do this!

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