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Holiday Tips

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Well, it’s begun – the busiest time of year is upon us.

Many of you might be feeling some relief. With Thanksgiving over, some languish in the after-glow, caught up in a sort of ‘one down and one to go’ mentality. For others, there’s no relief in sight and there won’t be until sometime after all of the holiday decorations have been packed away.

This can be a challenging time of year for many people. It forces us to face so many difficult issues: changes in our families, possible friction among family members; extra things to get done; social functions to attend; financial stresses; and of course, travel.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be offering a few “ Holiday Tips” here, little things you can do to make this a more enjoyable season.

Tip #1 – Grab your December calendar and mark off nights you will not accept social invitations. Now, here’s the hard part – honor your decision! The benefits will be so worthwhile.  By actively including down time in your schedule, the month will be much easier to enjoy.

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