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Home sweet home

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I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling these last couple of months, happy for the opportunity to promote my novel. I really enjoy getting to interact with my readers. To hear their reactions to my book, to kick around why my characters did this or that, it’s all a fun fest as far as I’m concerned.

And then … I get to return to the end of the road and to my home that I so appreciate.

I’m always curious to hear how people define “home.” For some, it’s a modern, chic urban apartment, for others it means that  family friendly suburbs reign supreme. Many members of the over fifty crowd are now happily moving into senior living communities, thrilled with the ease they offer, as well as the number of activities available. Still others, especially those now free from jobs and child raising, are really re-defining what ‘home’ means – it could be months living out of a suitcase, traveling the globe or an adventure filled life lived out of the back of a camper.

No matter what your definition, you may decide to mix it up a little. Try it, you just may like it!

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