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Hometown Vacation


I have to be honest, I approached this post believing I would simply be encouraging you to explore wherever you live during what can be a couple of bleak winter months … weather permitting!

In my last post, I gave you plenty of examples of ‘things to do” here where I live in northern California; Humboldt County to be exact. In doing the research, I’ve not only learned a thing or two, but I’ve identified a number of activities I think my husband and I may be exploring while we wait for the first signs of spring to appear.

Keep in mind that some of the fun of playing tourist in your own backyard is to step out of your comfort zone. It’s pretty darned easy to get into a rut as we age. Life feels easier when we know exactly what’s around each and every corner. But, when it comes to healthy aging, mixing it up can get those brain cells firing and remind you that you have a lot of living yet to do.

So, for you northern Californians, do think you’ve seen and done it all in Humboldt County? Think again!

For starters, I wonder if you’ve ever been whale watching? It’s not something I’ve ever done locally but as I read about it, I wondered why not? This time of year, whales are on their southerly migration to Baja. (They head back to northern waters during March through June.)

Seems like this is a pretty easy activity. Simply pick a clear, calm early morning. Grab a pair of binoculars and head for one of our high cliffs overlooking the ocean. Get comfortable and watch for spouting. You can go to: Trinidad Head; Wedding Rock in Patrick’s Point State Park; Table Bluff; or Shelter Cove, if you are up for a day’s adventure.

Speaking of day trips, when was the last time you cruised on down the highway for a luscious lunch at Benbow? Better yet, how about an overnight in this, one of Humboldt County’s most romantic getaways? Really now, step into the lobby of this exquisite, historic hotel and you’ll feel a million miles away from  home. As a full service resort, you might really enjoy a bit of pampering as winter tries to take its toll! Consider a bit of indulging and return home feeling rejuvenated.

Not up to that kind of drive? (We Humboldters are a funny lot … have to drive more than twenty miles and we think it’s cross country!) When was the last time you went to Ferndale or Trinidad? Really now, pull on your rain coat or grab an umbrella because these two little hamlets are delightful for a stroll and lunch outing.

Here’s an idea that can nearly fill up every Saturday morning from now until Easter – bakery/coffee house hopping!  Are you locked into the same old place?  Why not start your weekend with a mini-adventure for your morning cup of Joe? Have some fun and conduct your own little private survey – from coffee to pastries, service to  ambiance, in the end, did any place lure you away from your favorite haunt?

Finally, after reviewing everything Morris Grave Museum offers, I may not have any free time left over. What a treasure trove of fun, free activities they offer our community.

How did I come up with all of these wonderful activities to explore? The same way you can for your part of the world –  simple do an internet search and have a willingness to be ready, willing, and able to try something new.

Happy exploring … and, please, let me know what you discover!

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