Woman Working in garden (photo credit Terry Kramer)

Humboldt Botanical Gardens

Tracey Good News

We are fortunate to have a real gem here on the north coast, the Humboldt Botanical Gardens. Known for their beautiful collections, meandering paths, and evolving open spaces and projects, HBC also does something very special. They contribute organic produce to feed the homeless.

This year, the program grew 1,800 pounds of produce! Think about that – what an amazing accomplishment. Through the combined efforts of HBG staff, volunteers, and local business donations, and managed by College of the Redwoods agricultural intern, Kristen Stanberry, healthy food made its way to people who need it the most.

This project seems like such a wonderful use of resources. Delightful gardens for many of us to look at and enjoy, while also providing food for hungry people. Surely, this is the best kind of good news!

photo credit: Terry Kramer

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