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I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to keep up with all of the reading I want to do. My nightstand is piled high with different books and darn if I didn’t just download another one to my e-reader. Sometimes I have a few going at the same time … which  I don’t recommend. A friend mentions a good read and I write down the title on any piece of paper I can find. The bottom of my purse is littered with these little slips of paper. When I open my bag that are all staring at me, plaintively wondering when it will be their turn to come to the light of day … and my nightstand.

And then it hit me. Am I addicted to reading? I ran though some of the basic questions that help identify an addiction. Does reading interfere with my normal responsibilities at time? Yes. Do I read alone? All of the time. Will I plan my day around being able to finish a compelling page turner? Guilty as charged. Is a book always an arm’s length away? Oh my.

What’s a bibliophile to do? Be book free? Hardly! That would be the end of life as I know it. No, I’ll just rationalize away my behavior,  keep an eye on my consumption, maintain a healthy lifestyle in every other way, and finally … never retire. That may just put me right over the reading edge!

But oh … what a way to go!

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