Art Place America 2013/2014 Grants

In our own backyard!

Tracey Good News

ArtPlace America  ( is a dedicated association of regional and national foundations, banks, and federal agencies who are committed to “putting art at the heart of a portfolio of strategies designed to revitalize communities.”  This year they received over 1,200 applications from throughout the fifty states. They awarded 54 grants, one of which is making its way to our very own Dell’Arte and Blue Lake, CA. Here’s a brief description of the award from the ArtPlace website:

The Mad River Industrial Art Park $ 350,000
Dell’Arte Blue Lake, CA

“As a pioneer in creating “theatre of place,” Delaware and its partners will bring that vision to the rebranding and activation of the Mad River Industrial ArtPark. Through curated arts programming, visual identifiers and the expansion of its own Mad River Festival to this space, Dell’Arte will connect art, industry and artisanal cultural work to promote economic development in the rural California community of Blue Lake.”

Congratulations to all of the recipients, as well as ArtPlace America for making such good things happen!

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