Generations of Phones

It adds up!

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For the last few months, my husband and I have been tallying up our ‘electronic’ expenses, annoyed by what we were seeing. Between the landline, cellphones, iPad, computers, and television bills, it felt like we were pouring money down the rat hole. It was just too many greenbacks going out each month and for what? A couple of hundred television channels we never watched? A landline we rarely used, but seem to want to keep in case of emergencies?  Cellphone minutes my husband has never put a dent into?

After reviewing exactly what is was we wanted and needed, we launched a siege. He took on the internet/television company, I attacked the cellphone/iPad bill. It meant a few phone calls, the addition of some some gizmo so we can stream from our wifi to our television (don’t even ask) and other minor confusion (I still can’t keep a megabyte straight from a gigabyte)  but we have arrived at a wonderfully satisfactory solution!

Both companies were happy to negotiate different deals (I love a competitive marketplace, don’t you?)  and we are now saving about $125 dollars a month! Multiply that times twelve and wow, that’s a savings of $1,500 a year!

My only regret? That we put off jumping into this for so many months but no matter. The deed is finally done and we are both happier.

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