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It Took a Village … and Wells Fargo!

Tracey Good News

Mike Dearden, Branch Manager of Wells Fargo Bank in Eureka, CA and Shelley Derr, Business Banking Specialist, have earned top honors in my book! Here’s why.

I’ve been supporting ResolutionCare these last few weeks and it’s official – they will be bringing compassionate and much needed services to our community. Thanks to the generosity of many, over $100,000 has been raised through their Indiegogo campaign. Amazing! (At the time I write this, donations are still coming in. Go to  http://resolutioncare.com for information on how you can still contribute.)

But here’s the final piece of ‘good news’ that threw them over the top. Co-founder Dr. Michael Fratkin discovered a paperwork glitch at the eleventh hour. Money that was coming in that would not be posted by the 11:59 p.m. deadline. He scrambled … and once again, the people of our town responded.

Three cheers for Supervisors Mark Lovelace and Virginia Bass who, at the crack of a very wet dawn, worked behind the scenes to make crucial contacts.

And this is where Dearden and Derr earned their gold stars! In this day of procedural hurdles, these two recognized the problem, saw the value of solving it, and came up with a plan. BAM, it was done! My heartfelt thanks to them for their part in resolving this issue.

Isn’t it wonderful that people really can make a difference? I’m proud to be part of this community!

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