Kittens and Puppies

Tracey Good News

I seem to frequently hear from people about how irritated they are by others. (See last week’s  “The Second Half”.) It always gives me pause. Is this because we are older and tired, and so, we complain more? Maybe it’s because rude, inconsiderate behavior seems to have become socially acceptable and it puts off the rest of us? Or is it because we are all suffering from media overload? (It can be challenging to maintain a cheerful outlook if you watch too much news.)

Whatever the reason, I try to maintain a positive attitude and trust me, it isn’t always easy. Far from it. There seem to be some days when crawling under a rock feels like the best solution, right? 

Consequently, I am a sucker for some of the funny stories and photos to be had on the internet. (While I enjoy a cute kitten video, give me puppies and I’m good to go.) Sure, this isn’t a fix for serious sadness but if you are looking for a little pick-me-up, a few minutes laughing may be just the ticket!

I’m curious — what do you do to make your mood a little brighter?

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