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Life is too Short

Tracey Tracey's Blog

These last weeks have have been an absolute blur. They have been jammed pack with activities I  enjoy and feel very enthusiastic about. Fun stuff, all of it.

The problem? I finally came up for air last week and realized it was all too much. Something had to give. At first, the realization  made me wonder: was age impacting my ability to juggle all of my projects? I seemed to have the energy for everything I was doing though admittedly,there were days I longed for a nap!

But I think it was my age that helped me see that I needed to make changes. Most important of all? If I shut down all of the old messages about what I ‘should’ do I had the control I needed to improve my situation.

With that moment of clarity, everything shifted. I sat myself down and looked at my commitments. By simply re-vamping the next few weeks and months, my choices became clear. I sprung into action. The pressure has lifted and things feel so much better.

My message to you? Concentrate on what you want and need and toss the shoulds! Life is just too short to slog through it, especially at our age!

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