Listen to Your Mother

Listen to your Mother, con’t.

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Last week, I wrote about getting ready to audition for a wonderful show in Portland, Oregon, “Listen to your Mother.” (( This production began in the east  with proceeds benefiting a charitable organization or agency, has blossomed nationwide. And why not? Held on Mother’s day, LTYM focuses on any aspect of motherhood, from anyone who wants to audition – the more diverse the better!

What was the audition like? First and foremost, fun! There’s nothing like getting a bunch of women together to insure a very good time. But thanks to director Carisa Miller and producer, Kelli Martinelli (an Arcata, CA native) it was also one of the warmest and most welcoming experiences I’ve had in quite awhile. These two made it their mission to make each and every one of us feel relaxed and supportive. I must say, mission accomplished.

I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be getting to know all of these women much better! Stay tuned.

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