Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother

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I’m not always exactly sure how it is that I decide to do things. I’d like to believe my decision making process is all logical and well thought out, and sometimes it is. But it’s not unusual for me to discover that some things just resonate. I read about something or see something or even just wake up in the morning with an idea. Whatever the process, it’s visceral. The idea lands in a certain spot, the one with “You HAVE to do this” written all over it.

Such was my reaction when I first learned about “Listen to Your Mother,” an amazing program that has taken the country by storm. ( audition a five minute piece they have written on any aspect of motherhood. (Both performers and their topics are intriguing because of their variety.) Those selected perform live on Mother’s Day. The entire program is recorded and then produced on a YouTube channel. A percentage of the proceeds from the performance are donated to a local charitable organization. Amazing, right?

This weekend I am off to audition for LTYM in Portland, Oregon. (Proceeds will benefit The Portland Women’s Crisis Line.) Really now, how could I pass this up? I have to admit that after 32 years navigating the wonderful world of motherhood, deciding what I would write was a fun and fascinating challenge. But I’m ready. I’ll keep you posted!

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