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The Washington mess has most of us turned inside out. You’ll get no tirade from me – there’s already too much of that out there. If only people would stop ranting and start listening. Oh, dear.

But this is one of those times that I we all check and double-check the sources or things we hear or read. Some of the quotes  wandering around out there are flat-out unbelievable! Whether from mainstream media, cable television and radio, or the internet, there are some real doozies circulating.

I read something the other day which had been posted by someone I respect, though we have different political beliefs. It was a piece written by an individual with the highest academic credentials, which should  have given his position some credibility. He was quoting the constitution and, on the surface, he seemed to be making a pretty good case for his side of things.

Naturally, as is my habit, I followed up by checking on some of his information. Here’s what was so disappointing; for every point he made, I could find what I consider credible sources who said exactly the opposite. He wrote so calmly, so clearly, so confidently, without some of the rabid emotion that really turns me off. But after checking out his claims, I discovered that what he was saying was, first and foremost,  his subjective interpretation of things.

All of this rhetoric leaves me wondering just how are we supposed to distill information to its purest form, so that rational, informed decisions and resolution can emerge? If you have any ideas, I’m all ears!

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