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Love-hate relationship

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There’s a television ad running these days and I have to admit it catches my attention every time. It begins 21 years ago. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble are just becoming aware of the Internet. Email? What the heck is that? They’re baffled by the technology exploding all around them, as were so many of the rest of us.

The trouble is … I’m still pretty baffled by what has now become standard issue. If you’re not computer literate you are fresh out of luck. I’ve stumbled along for years, frantically calling my children to have them explain something embarrassingly simple or sitting crossed-eyed at my computer, contemplating how wonderful it would feel to chuck the thing right out of the window.

But in spite of the never ending challenges, I’ve persevered. Ironically, for a girl who refused to take typing and grew up to be a writer — long story — the computer has become a crucial fixture in my career. It’s now a pivotal part of my social connections, helps me travel the globe, and plan dinner when all I want to do is go out!

I’ve become a bit of a trouble-shooting junkie, determined to solve my own problems. Am I always successful? No, not nearly enough. But I’ve actually come to enjoy some of the problem-solving opportunities all of this electronic stuff bombards me with.

In the end, it’s a love-hate relationship but one I am fully committed to. Sure, a class would help … maybe when I retire?

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