House in Cardboard Box

Moving day

Tracey Good News

Here in our later years, downsizing our homes is an issue many of us are contemplating. It makes sense, on so many different levels, to realistically evaluate just how much living space we need. 

A friend of mine has been carefully mulling over this issue for awhile and recently moved to a smaller house. Good for her!

Is this the good news for the week? Partially, as I always admire people who can identify, and then act upon what will improve the quality of their lives. But part of the good news was this woman’s moving crew – four of her friends, all  women between the ages of 62 and 70. There wasn’t one young buck in the entire the group! Sure, her couch was rattan but really now, moving is a miserable and quite physical chore. These women pitched right in and the deed was done! 

Isn’t this a great testament to both healthy aging and friendship? I sure think so! 

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