OLLI Madaket tour group

My new PBS show is in production: What’s on Your Bucket List?

Tracey Columns, Featured

I’ve always been a believer in the value of doing things that were interesting, maybe even amazing, and usually quite fun. Even if the particular activity made my palms sweat and my knees knock, the end result typically included great feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Sure, I’ve had to adapt this approach with my advancing years but so far, age hasn’t prevented me from trying new things. Which is why I’m happy to invite you to join me on my latest “new thing” — PBS/North Coast’s program, What’s on Your Bucket List?

That’s right, those wonderful folks at KEET (Eureka, CA) have given my idea for this new show the green light! Production on What’s on Your Bucket List? has officially begun. (The program will air in 2019.)

Now, here’s where you come in. We are currently looking for twelve lucky people to join me. Together we will check off something of your Bucket List right here in Humboldt County.

Each episode of ‘What’s on Your Bucket List?’ will highlight the experiences of two local residents as we explore some thing or some place in Humboldt County that has always intrigued you. Whether it’s trying a unique activity, learning a new skill, or interacting with a particular group of people you’ve never met before, you’ll give something new a shot, feel a sense of accomplishment, and best of all, have fun.

Now, if your reaction is a huge “no way” I ask you to consider a few things because life is for living, right? 

Regretfully, I’ve noticed people may respond to the aging process by narrowing their vision, questioning their abilities, and ultimately withdrawing further into themselves. They begin to believe the many negative stereotypes of older people, often buying into the myth that opportunities to explore and experience new activities are limited or even impossible.

Realistically, age can also hamper our activities because of  financial and/or physical limitations. These situations only compound an individual’s belief that he/sh cannot explore the world around them.

It’s time to toss those thoughts out of the window! What’s on Your Bucket List? will give you the opportunity to be fully supported  — remember, I’m tagging along on each activity —  as you finally experience something you’ve always wanted to try!

The possibilities are endless. Maybe it’s finally time to cruise Humboldt Bay on the Madaket or perhaps instead, you’ve wondered what it would be like to get a little closer to this body of water by trying out a kayak?

Have you ever wanted to tour the redwoods on horseback? Or is your secret dream simply being pampered at a spa? Any interest in trying your hand at black smithing? How about tap dancing? Maybe you’d love a backstage tour of a television station or theatrical production? How about a cooking lesson from a local chef or baker? Does it sound like fun to throw out the first pitch at a Crabs game?

In other words, you name it and we’ll try to make it happen! There are so many amazing activities available to us here on the north coast. Why not join me for this unique experience?

Requirements? You have to be at least sixty and willing to have some fun!  We also encourage you to have one of your children and/or grandkids join us. Finally, please note that we will work hard to accommodate any physical conditions you have that may limit your options.

If interested, and I hope you are, request an application by emailing <pbsncbucketlist@gmail.com>, writing to: PBS North Coast, PO Box 13, Eureka, CA 95502 or by leaving a message on my work phone, (707) 845-8348. (Please state your name and mailing address clearly and slowly. Thanks.)

I believe this will be a fun project for all of us. Let’s explore our own backyard together. Come on … what’s on your bucket list?